The iPhone 5 Is Destroying Samsung

In just three short weeks, Apple’s iPhone 5 has surpassed Samsung’s three-month-old Galaxy S III in Web traffic volume, according to d ata-analytics firm  Chitika.

The surprising result suggests that Apple smartphone users spend far more time surfing the Web than do users of Samsung’s smartphone, which runs on Google’s Android software.

Chitika, which operates an online advertising network of 250,000 websites, looked at millions of mobile ad impressions from Oct. 3 to  Oct. 9.

In the test, the Galaxy S III came up with 44% of the two devices’ total traffic, and the iPhone 5 represented 56%.

Chitika said that the increase in traffic volume is due to Apple’s sales numbers and the ability to use 4G networks.

Apple sold 5 million iPhone 5s its first weekend, while Samsung’s believed to have sold more than 20 million Galaxy S III smartphones.

So what explains the discrepancy?

Besides Chitika’s explanation, the result actually fits a long-running pattern that shows Apple dominating mobile Web usage.

Two groups seem to prefer Android: A small number of sophisticated early adopters, and a larger number of price-sensitive, mass-market consumers. Apple, meanwhile, dominates the high end of the market where consumers are more likely to consume a lot of data.

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