Omaha Chiropractors Choose Innovative Treatment for Sports Injury Patients

OMAHA, Neb., Dec. 23, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Chiropractic Health Clinic in Omaha, NE announced that the practice is using technology to diagnose and treat sports injuries. The chiropractors use an infrared Tytronics instrument to identify musculoskeletal misalignments. These underlying misalignments may be triggering chronic back pain, knee pain or elbow pain. The chiropractors use a variety of adjustment techniques to restore proper alignment to the spine and manage pain. Physiotherapy treatments, including cold laser therapy, help decrease inflammation, relieve pain and speed internal healing.

Sports injury patients have an alternative treatment option for pain management and injury rehabilitation. The chiropractors at Chiropractic Health Clinic announced an integrated approach to injury diagnosis and treatment.

“From precisely diagnosing the underlying cause for injury to support the injury rehabilitation process, our integrated treatments help patients manage pain and get back to play the game they love,” said Omaha chiropractor Dr. Mark Eiler.

The practice treats a variety of sports injuries, including ankle sprains, back muscle strains, knee injuries, and chronic pain due to a sports injury.

Treatment begins with a thorough examination. The chiropractor may choose to use the Tytronics instrument to graph temperature differences in the spine. These differences help the chiropractors precisely pinpoint underlying musculoskeletal misalignments.

“Precisely identifying a misalignment is important for the injury rehabilitation process,” said Dr. Justin Eiler, a chiropractor with the clinic. “Our goal is to treat the underlying cause for pain and injury. This is different from medication, which temporarily ‘covers up’ the symptoms of pain. Our whole body approach supports the healing process for long-term pain relief.”

Once the injury is diagnosed, the chiropractors create custom treatment plans that address the underlying cause while supporting the injury rehabilitation process. These plans typically integrate a variety of treatment techniques, including chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy.

“An integrated approach to treating an athletic or personal injury delivers optimal results for our patients,” said Dr. Andrea Eiler. “For example, adjustments help to restore alignment to the spine, correcting an underlying trigger for pain. At the same time, cold laser therapy can help reduce swelling and inflammation, which supports the healing process and provides immediate pain relief.”

The chiropractors are also educating patients about the importance of prompt treatment for sports injuries. According to the chiropractors, sports-related injuries that are not properly treated will not heal correctly, increasing the risk for chronic pain and future health problems.

“No one likes to be stuck on the sidelines,” said Dr. Mark. “However, icing a hurt ankle can only do so much. Spinal adjustments are essential to correcting an underlying mechanical problem.”

The chiropractors stressed that prompt treatment, which integrates spinal adjustments with physiotherapy, is the best way to relieve pain and avoid long-term problems.

Individuals who have sustained a sports injury or suffer from headache, back or neck pain can schedule an appointment via the website at:

Chiropractic Health Clinic

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