Technology could give police edge in burglaries

Kalgoorlie Police are calling on people to download a recently-developed application for Apple iPhones and Android devices which they say could assist in catching burglars.

The app uses any given device’s GPS receiver to pinpoint its exact location within a 5m radius. It was originally designed for lost devices, but police say it can assist with their operations as well.

Any owner of a stolen device can log on to iCloud from any computer and access the app, and iCloud provides a map that shows the location of the device.

The owner can also access a range of other options such as erasing the data from it, locking it from further use and commanding the device to repeatedly sound a tone.

The software for Apple products is called Find My iPhone, while the Android version is called Find My Droid.

It can also be applied to iPads, iPods and a range of other Apple products that can all be linked through iCloud. Read story


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