First International Conference on Orange Technologies Kicks off at NCKU

TAINAN, Taiwan–(BUSINESSWIRE)– National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), southern Taiwan, recently hosted the 2013 International Conference on Orange Technologies (ICOT 2013) where engineers, psychologists, designers and experts from other disciplines are gathered to share their research results and accomplishments on the emerging Orange Technologies.

ICOT 2013 jointly organized by NCKU, Tajen University and International Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Taiwan, is the first international conference on Orange Technology, starting from Mar. 12 to15.

The ICOT 2013 General Chair Professor Jhing-Fa Wang, who was also the founder of Orange Technology, proudly announced the opening of the conference, Mar. 13, welcoming all the distinguished guests, keynote speakers and scholars who attended the 4-day conference.

Dr. Wang revealed plans of organizing more similar conferences in the coming years at different locations, with Xi’an, China, being mentioned as the venue for next year’s conference, and some other Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea before moving the conference to U.S.A. and U.K.

“Orange Technology is an interdisciplinary effort and collaboration,” explained Dr. Wang. He used the initials H2O, or water, to represent Orange Technology as this technology consists of happiness, health and “orange” care.

Stressing on the growing awareness on happiness for countries, Dr. Wang took South Korea as an example and also emphasized on Taiwan’s government awareness of the importance of happiness in her government policies too.

“Green technology and Orange technology will work together and combine to be known as Go Technology as Green Technology focuses on the environment whereas Orange Technology is for humanity,” Dr. Wang added.

NCKU President Hwung-Hweng Hwung was also present at the opening ceremony of the conference. He thanked Dr. Jhing-Fa Wang for his long-term commitment and effort on introducing and promoting Orange Technology.

At the same time, President Hwung took the opportunity to review the main objectives of Orange Technology that is to bring more health, happiness and care to the society, thus focusing on the health and humanity side of the society.

“The role of different industries will be crucial in promoting Orange Technology” added Dr. Wang, “as they would create products, services and systems that would work towards the goals of Orange Technology, thus realizing the idea of Orange Technology.”

National Cheng Kung University
Sonia Chuang
1 University Road, Tainan City 701, Taiwan
Tel: +886-6-275-7575 Ext. 50042

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