Two New Technologies May Save American Blue Collar Jobs–An Article Published by

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y., April 17, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via PRWEB – The article “Blue Collar Blues” published by highlights the forces driving down the living standards of the country’s blue collar workers. The usual suspects are given, but one cause, automation, may prove to save the day for American labor. The article lays down the reason and how an old problem becomes a solution.

Likewise, an advance in manufacturing technology is predicted to put the jobs back in the U.S. Clues of this technology are spelled out in the article, pointing how mass production will give way to personal production and China is at the cross-hair.

To illustrate the sad saga of the blue collar worker in the country, the article backtracks in history and highlights the role laborers made in literally building the country. The American worker is shown as the backbone during the country’s transformation from a land of farms to a land of skyscrapers, steel bridges, mines, and smoking factories. From being the epitome of an immigrant’s American dream, an aspiration to a better life, the fate of the blue collar worker is told from the perspective of the Rust Belt, its rise and decline along the years.

More insights are provided in the article:

  • How manufacturing jobs were first “lost” inside America
  • Not all blue collar jobs are at risk of being shipped out. Many are China-proof
  • Top-paying manual works
  • Why it is too much to ask corporate America to restrain from shipping out manufacturing jobs

But can the two technologies bring back the American blue collar to its glory days of a middle class lifestyle? The article points out how education will be critical, and the surprising good news that American labor may be more prepared than anyone else in the world. Manual jobs will be back, it is posited. But it will be a different banana, that is, the set skills and educational baseline will be more advanced, says the article.

It’s a long journey to getting back the country’s manufacturing jobs, but the blue collar train is chugging at full speed ahead with renewed confidence and a promising future, the article, “Blue Collar Blues” concludes.

More details about the past and future of blue collar workers in America can be gleaned in this article in

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Bartosz Matusiak

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